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Hot Appetizers

only vegetables

Eggplant au gratin stuffed with crab meat or vegetables

Shrimp, conch, calamari and vegetables in a cartagenian stew

8 Jaiba (local crab) claws with butter garlic sauce, shrimp cocktail in a cartagenian golf sauce with red onions, fresh fish ceviche, stuffed and au gratin crab shells, mussels with coconut bechamel and fried calamari with ceviche style onions.

Jaiba claws (local crab) in garlic sauce. Served with Negra Candé vinaigrette (seasonal).

Carimañolas (yucca patties) stuffed with ground beef, mini seafood empanadas, cheese fingers, typical corn patty, local sausage, local cheese and yam cake

Cold Appetizers

Fresh lettuce, carrot, tomato, red onions, beet, avocado and boiled egg with vinaigrette

Fresh yellow fin tuna, boiled egg, avocado, lettuce, tomato, local pe- ppers, lime and sesame oil

With lime, red sauce or golf sauce. Fresh white fish, calamari, conch, shrimp, mussels and prawn

Shrimp cocktail in a cartagenian golf sauce with lime and red onions

Fresh white fish, lime juice, red onions, bell peppers and cilantro

Seafood cocktail with red sauce, shrimp cocktail with golf sauce and fresh fish ceviche

$ 2,000

Onions/ tomatoes / bell peppers / local peppers / eggplant


$ 36,000

Beef liver and sweet plantain soup

$ 39,000

Local cheese soup with yams

Green plantains and beef soup

Fish soup

Lobster bisque

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